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Magi Instructor - New York




Magi Instructor - New York

"PYRI is not just another exercise program designed to get your body in shape. PYRI is about strengthening and sculpting a beautiful, muscular body, while training your mind to focus and direct your strong new body to fluidly and gracefully move as your spirt is inspired. It awakens the true ancient warrior spirit that is dormant in all of us. You leave each session empowered and renewed - ready to face any challenge that comes your way. This is the complete package and I have never felt more balanced, more fit, or more alive in my entire life."
"I'm a former gymnast and dancer, but my fitness sort of stalled out in my thirties. Yoga was great, but I wasn't burning fat or getting enough cardio. Running was great, but I wasn't getting to all muscle groups. Weights were boring and the gym was just not for me. I needed something to bring it all together and get me inspired. Pyri has engaged my body, my mind and my sense of history. It's brought me to peak physical condition, honed my reflexes and made me feel incredibly empowered. All while having fun with an amazing group of people!"


Magi Instructor - South Carolina



Magi Instructor - South Carolina

"Pyri is about flexibility, balance, strength, and fitness, but most of all, it is about letting yourself be all you can be. It is about being free to express yourself through the movements and to focus on the delicious feeling of your body responding to your every request. I have been involved in many different physical fitness programs, as well as martial arts, and I have never found anything else that combines fitness, focus, balance, and fun with such perfect synergy. Pyri is the next generation fitness program for all ages and fitness levels. Be free!"
"I am enamored with Pyri because it is an enjoyable program ingeniously designed for fitness enthusiasts of all types and levels. Since it incorporates so many necessary elements - the focus of martial arts, the strength of cross-fit training, the caloric burn of cardio, and the many benefits of yoga - I am guaranteed a perfect workout each and every time. Most importantly, Pyri delivers physical results second to none, while inspiring a sense of empowerment and unity in all that participate."